About Us

Bound4LIFE St. Louis is the local chapter of an international movement.  Bound4LIFE St. Louis began in August 2007.  When the St. Louis chapter began there were 6 abortion providers in the state of Missouri,  as of September 2014 there is currently 1 abortion clinic in Missouri.

  •  Bound4LIFE believes in the power of prayer.  Abortion has spiritual roots and if we want to end it for good in our nation we must go after the root.

As a grassroots prayer movement we stand behind and support the efforts of our legislators who work tirelessly to promote life in our state.  Similarily we support and pray for those who stand on the sidewalk to reach out to the ladies offering real solutions to the difficult situations they are facing.  The many crisis pregnancy centers and maternity homes also offer a vital ministry to the women and children of our state.

Our mandate is simply one of prayer.  We are so very thankful that in the body of Christ we each have a purpose and a calling.  If you feel God is calling you to be one who is a voice for the voiceless through prayer, we invite you to join us on the sidewalk, for a silent siege, or come pray with us during one of our rumbles (Loud corporate prayer meeting).


About the Bound4Life Movement

Bound4LIFE is a grassroots prayer mobilization movement targeting the ending of abortion, the increase of adoptions and the reformation of government and society through spiritual awakening. Our mission is to mobilize a groundswell of prayer through:

  • “Silent Sieges” in front of courthouses and abortion clinics across the nation.
  • Millions of Christians wearing “Life Bands” and making the Bound4LIFE covenant-PRAY, VOTE & OBEY.

When LIFE tape is placed over our mouths, we are identifying with the silent screams of the unborn and of those who have no voice. Our stand is not a protest, but a silent prayer meeting. We make our appeal to the Judge of the earth and ask Him for speedy justice to be released. NotProtest
Oh that God would subpoena the conscience of the nation!

For more information visit the Bound4Life national webiste