Remove Your Name from the Petition

We’ve gotten some questions from people who signed the dangerous petition to legalize abortion in error. “How can I remove my name from the petition?” they ask. You must act NOW and swiftly to have your name removed. You can only have your name removed BEFORE signatures are turned in.

This initiative petition would enshrine dangerous and egregious practices into our state constitution. It removes all parental notifications, enabling pedophiles to hide their crimes from a girl’s parents if they get her pregnant. If an abortionist harms the mother (we already know they harm the child) it destroys any recourse the woman may have, eliminating medical malpractice suits. Abortion facilities would no longer be subject to health inspections or the need for medical licensing. There are many more dangerous and problematic consequences of this initiative petition.

Any voter who has signed an initiative petition may withdraw his/her signature from that petition by submitting to the Missouri Secretary of State (SOS), before the petition is filed with the SOS, a sworn statement requesting that his/her signature be withdrawn and affirming the name of the petition signed, the name the voter used when signing the petition, the address of the voter and the county of residence. It is a class A misdemeanor to knowingly file a false withdrawal statement with the SOS. (RSMo 116.110)

The Process to Withdraw Your Signature

  1. Download the Word document here and replace any [text in brackets] with your information.
  2. Print the document and take the document (unsigned) to your bank or anywhere with a notary and sign it in front of that notary, getting it notarized.
  3. Send the sworn statement to the Missouri Secretary of State. You can mail it or deliver it in person. Include your contact information so they can verify your identity.
    Send/Deliver to: Missouri Secretary of State 600 West Main Street Jefferson City, MO 65101

Your letter must be received by the Secretary of State by May 4th, 2024, but earlier than that date is preferred. Please send the letter ASAP.

If you have questions or need further assistance, reach out to the Secretary of State’s office directly: 573-751-4936 or

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