Every Child a Wanted Child

Yesterday I was privileged to be at the Supreme Court of the United States praying as those who marched in the March for Life 2016 arrived.  I have been leading a pro-life prayer ministry in my home town for 8 and a half years, and this is the first year I was able to be in DC on this significant day.  I love praying at the court!  It is one of my favorite places to be.  In the heat of summer or during a blizzard I love it there.  Yesterday had a profound impact on me.

20160122_132930Before we even arrived, a group of pro-choice counter protesters had already set up shop on the sidewalk in front of the court.  They had their signs, and their megaphone and they were shouting all the usual things; “My body, My Choice” and “Abortion on Demand and without apology” and this one (Which was new for me) “Pro-life you’re a lie, you don’t care if women die”.  That last one had me really scratching my head because a large majority of the most recent laws that have been passed in regard to abortion are specifically designed to prevent women from dying during an abortion.  The giant bill from Texas (HB2 which is now before the Supreme Court) the big things in this bill are all there simply to insure that certain safety standards are in place across the board for abortion clinics.  Things like making sure abortion providers have hospital admitting privileges just in case something happens, they can be with their patient at the hospital.  Requiring clinics to have hallways wide enough that should a woman need to be transported to a local emergency room, a gurney can navigate the halls and get her out quickly so she can get lifesaving care.  Things like requiring that an ultrasound first be conducted and the woman allowed to look if she chooses, we call this informed consent.   The pro-choice side hates all these things and fights against them every time!  Yet they say we are the ones who want woman to die?

As disturbing as all those things can be, the one thing that pierced my heart yesterday was a comment yelled angrily by someone in the group very shortly after we arrived.  She was talking about how we in the pro-life community talk about how that child might grow up to find a cure for cancer or some other terrible disease, or what if they are Albert Einstein.  Then she went on to say that no one should force a woman to carry and raise a child that is UNWANTED.  That word unwanted, hit me like a truck.  I felt literally like I had been stabbed in the heart.  You see, that child is very much wanted.  There are waiting lists of families, for every “unwanted” baby there are at a minimum 4-5 families who have said, “we want you!, We’ve been waiting for you, praying for you.”  The claim that any child is “unwanted” is a myth and a lie.


I spent the rest of my time at the court yesterday with that phrase echoing in my ears, even with my earbuds in and worship music playing, that word, “unwanted” rang in my head.  It caused hot tears to stream down my face and freeze on my cheeks, and even now as I type this I”m tearing up again.  If there is anything I could say to women who are facing a pregnancy they did not plan it is this: You are valued and loved.  Your life has value and so does the life of your child.  God does not make mistakes, and yes He has a plan and purpose for that child, but He has a plan and purpose for you as well.  You may not want, or even be able to raise and care for your child for 18 years, but can you give your child 9 months?  Regardless of your situation, I guarantee there is a family somewhere who has been waiting and praying for you, and for your child.  You are loved, you are valued, and you have a purpose.


Every Child IS a Wanted Child!